Kimmie spends her time styling a number of celebrities, personalities, fashion editorials and more. In addition, her work has been seen on an array of music videos, album covers, Awards Season Red Carpets, Vogue Italia, Esquire, etc. In addition, followers, readers and viewers have enjoyed seeing Kimmie talk style, accessories and trends as an On Air Style/Accessory Expert on HSN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and more. She is also the Co-Founder/Style Director of Athleisure Mag, Fashion Editor of DJ Mag, and spokesperson of a number of beauty, style and tech brands.

Kimmie's style fundamentals are based in the belief that looks are generated based on a lifestyle experience or a nod of inspiration from someone! Although Kimmie styles a number of people, she believes that everyone should have access to not only great style but feedback from stylists is an essential relationship to those that want to have this form of guidance. She believes that creating your sense of style is a process and not just about an event. It's also about finding the right fit to ensure you're conveying whatever message makes sense to your being!

Dress Me For is a monthly paid subscription of $50/month that will launch March 6th . For those that subscribe prior to April 15, 2017, you can subscribe for this monthly service for $20/month and you'll never pay the increased amount. Your subscription brings weekly style finds and trends to your inbox which includes:

Access to great style for the same price of a studio session or a solo moment at your happy hour spot.
- Kimmie
  •  Each Mon at 11am EST a shoppable newsletter will arrive in your inbox for a week of musts to purchase that incorporate looks for brunch, the office, fitness studio and more. All information is archived for future reference!
  •  Each newsletter also includes tips for transitioning your wardrobe by season, color, etc. Each week, you'll receive fashion and fitness events to add to your calendar. You also stay in the know on lounges, restaurants, and hotels in NYC, Chicago, Miami and LA that you should know about.
  • STUDIO SESSION: Join Kimmie for a monthly one hour online session which begins with a thematic topic and continues on with an open forum to ask your style questions to transition your closets
  • Receive exclusives giveaways, discounts, and when you can see Kimmie on air or when she is hosting the next event
  • Once a month DRESS ME FOR subscribers can send Kimmie a DRESS ME FOR STYLE REQUEST which includes details about your event, what you are interested in looking like and in 48 hours, you will receive an email with options to complete your look for your event. That means you will have picks selected by Kimmie 12 times a year. For those that are looking for ongoing styling suggestions, send an email to find out about rates.
  • Those who are interested in an additional style session either virtually or in person can do so at 50% off of her rate

For the cost of $20/month, you will have style and lifestyle picks delivered to your inbox each week as well as receiving a monthly styling advice from Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Kimmie Smith. To inquire about Kimmie's virtual styling or in person styling, send an email about what your are looking to do.


Where Dress Me For focuses on dressing for an event. Dress Me Like is meant for those that are looking to create their style that is inspired by a person, motif or an idea that will span throughout the person's closet. This is a process that is best suited for those that are looking to change their entire closet, personalities that are looking to style their look as a brand and beyond. As this is a bespoke service, a consultation is needed to assess projects of this nature.