WELLNESS | Clark Reservation State Park

Sometimes, you have to push past your comfort zone. As the Style Director of Athleisure Mag, I have enjoyed taking on a number of fitness challenges, learning about a range of culinary options and more. Today, I tackled something I have always wanted to try while also getting over a bit of nervousness.

For the next few days I am in Syracuse to check out the stunning Downtown Marriott Syracuse Hotel, checking out the town that is steeped in phenomenal history (Underground Railroad, Eerie Canal, and more), as well as checking out neighboring towns. Today, I hiked a portion of Clark Reservation State Park. Climbing the rocks, holding onto trees, pulling myself up and the occasional snake (not poisonous - thankfully I didn't see it) were apart of the experience. The reward was realizing how high up were and how gorgeous the water below looked. With my hiking boots and a few layers - it was great to get a little perspective and much needed fresh air.