LISTEN | Introducing Bungalow SK

Bungalow SK.jpg

Our lives are constantly spinning as we focus on our careers, getting studio time, and hanging with our tribes. We set our intentions for what we want in life as well as ensure that we take time for ourselves. Bungalow SK™ is the lounge where you’ll meet notable guests that are just like you and will add a bit of levity to your day.

A lot of territory is covered in the pages of Athleisure Mag and in our dedicated podcast shows in the Athleisure Studio network. Bungalow SK™ is your virtual lounge.  

Bungalow SK™ is Executive produced and hosted by Kimmie Smith, Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Co-Founder/Creative + Style Director of Athleisure Mag and is Executive Produced by Paul Farkas, Co-Founder/Publisher of Athleisure Mag. Bungalow SK™ is produced and mixed by the team at @AthleisureStudio